Theme selection for the 2025 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival will be held at the Elks Lodge on 16 APR 2024! No new theme suggestions will be accepted.

Thanks for joining us at this year's Creepy Carnival! For more information on the selection of 2025's Winter Carnival theme, click here.

2025 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Dates - January 31st, 2025 - February 9th, 2025!!

Past Royalty 2017

Meet Saranac Lake's 2017 Winter Carnival Court

The Winter Carnival celebration begins with the coronation of the King and Queen of the Winter Carnival — local citizens who have been chosen for their substantial contributions to the well-being of the Saranac Lake community through their volunteer work. 

All Past Royalty


John Wamsganz


Anita Meserole


Josh Dann

Grand Marshal

Barbara Rice


Kelly Spadaro


Marcus Johnson


Desiree Stumpf

Couple #1

Hannah Latour

Couple #1

Jay Chapin

Couple #2

Jada Meadows

Couple #2

Ethan Wood

Couple #3

Eshna Prajapati

Couple #3

Liam McCloskey

Couple #4

Aurelle Fogarty

Couple #4

Tyler Callahan

Couple #5

Elodie Linck

Couple #5

Jake Spadaro

Couple #6: Court Spokespeople

Taylor Hesseltine

Couple #6: Court Spokespeople

Gunnar Cross

Couple #7: Attendants to the King and Queen

Alivia Sapone

Couple #7: Attendants to the King and Queen

Joseph Viscardo