Theme selection for the 2025 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival will be held at the Elks Lodge on 16 APR 2024! No new theme suggestions will be accepted.

Thanks for joining us at this year's Creepy Carnival! For more information on the selection of 2025's Winter Carnival theme, click here.

2025 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Dates - January 31st, 2025 - February 9th, 2025!!

Arctic Golf Build-an-Obstacle Contest Winners

SARANAC LAKE – The Arctic Golf Build-an-Obstacle Contest was held on February 1 and challenged contestants to build miniature golf obstacles out of snow for the Arctic Golf event held the following day.

The three most creative obstacles, out of 7 in total, were chosen by members of the Winter Carnival royalty. The first prize award of $100 and a Winter Carnival medal went to Adirondack Hamlets to Huts who created an obstacle with a variety of mythical creatures. The second prize award of a Winter Carnival medal went to Saranac Lake Women's Civic Chamber who created an obstacle featuring Olympic sports in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the 1980 Olympic Games in Lake Placid. The third prize award of a Winter Carnival medal went to North Country Community College who created a large unicorn with an icicle as its horn. Other contestants included Adirondack Loon Center, Lutheran Church, North Country School, and Saranac Lake Youth Center.

The public is welcome to view the contestants' obstacles in Prescott Park near the Lake Flower State Boat Launch on River Street.