Theme selection for the 2025 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival will be held at the Elks Lodge on 16 APR 2024! No new theme suggestions will be accepted.

Thanks for joining us at this year's Creepy Carnival! For more information on the selection of 2025's Winter Carnival theme, click here.

2025 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Dates - January 31st, 2025 - February 9th, 2025!!

Hobby Horse Race

New Event! Adirondack Lakes and Trails Outfitters presents the Hobby Horse Race for jockeys ages 6-8, 9-12, and 13-17, and a court race. Build a horse, buy a horse and ride that horse in this Mid-Winter Derby.

Race information:
Jockeys and their families should : 

1.Build a Hobby Horse.
(Mop or broom modified with a horse’s likeness, originality encouraged)
2. Buy a Hobby Horse
3. Jockey to ride that horse

The race day card consists of 4 Stakes Races

Race #1 The Lake Flower Classic
Apprentice Jockeys 6-8yrs

Race#2 The Saranac Lake Invitational
Jockeys 9-12yrs

Race #3 The Creepy Carnival Derby
Jockeys 13-17

Race#4 Our Feature Race
The 127th Anniversary of Winter Carnival Royal Court Race
Jockeys The Royal Court

All Entry Fees paid by Saranac Lake Kiwanis Club
Admission to the Grand STAND is Free
Thank you Kiwanis